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counselling Service

The counseling service at UNITI is a free, confidential and professional service available to all students both in individual and group sessions. The counselors are available to assist you on any issues of concern in a relaxed and non-judgmental setting. Students bring a variety of worries and concerns including study difficulties, homesickness, addictive behavior, etc. Some can be sorted out within a session, while others require longer counseling sessions.

Student Representative Council

Student Representative Council or Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPM) looks after the welfare of all students in UNITI and organizes various types of activities in promoting greater social awareness and interaction among the students. The Council also provides a means of communication between students and the administration on issues pertaining to living and study conditions. The MPM consists of the Main Council and nine Excos.

Fees & Financial Assistance

We constantly work with related agencies and industrial partners in offering financial aid to applicable students.

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UNITI Entrepreneurship & Employment Centre (UEEC)

UNITI Entrepreneuship & Employment Center ( UEEC ) is an initiative developed by the Uniti College for the benefit of Students and Graduates.   There are two main objectives;

  • Income-generating opportunities throughout the UNITI College by
    engaging with an entrepreneurial certification program
  • As a Career Centre for Graduate Students

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