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quality objective


The UNITI College Quality Objectives are in line with Vision 2020 outlined by the Management. It needs to be followed by a comprehensive action plan and supported by all members of the organization. 10 action plans have been identified and planned to achieve Vision 2020 named :


1. Improving and strengthening existing Diploma programs by Faculty

2. Improve new Diploma programs with high marketability.

3. Moving towards the Bachelor degree program with smart partnership method.

4. Making the UNITI College ahead of build an entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneurship Program Apprentice Program with the private sector.

5. Make UNITI College as brand name with smart partnership

6. Producing Students who have communication skills in English, Arabic and Mandarin use the Gontori’s teaching concept that has proven to be successful.

7. Marketing the UNITI College to international markets.

8. Starting scientific research activities by case study.

9. Increase the UNITI Cooperative which will be the source of additional income for UNITI and Eden Capital Group staff

10. Producing UNITI College Students meeting the aspirations of the UNITI College (PANCAKU) Student Development Blueprint.

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