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Student Affairs Division (HEP) creates opportunities for students to explore their interest with practical experience through activities organised throughout the year. It provided valuable hands-on experience for leadership and character development. There are more than 50 clubs and societies, and all their events at Kolej UNITI are driven and managed by our students.



Our sports and recreation Clubs are open to all students to take on a variety of activities beyond learning for a healthy lifestyle. Kolej UNITI Sports Club is for individuals who have the desire to compete or participate in sports throughout their college years. The participation of students in sports and recreation activities indirectly develops leadership skills and strong dedication. 

  • Football Club
  • Archery Club
  • Pingpong Club
  • Taekwando Club
  • Travelling Club

Student activities at Kolej UNITI are designed to provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic development as they strengthen their leadership skills. Each student is encouraged to join the organization that provides for him/her an avenue for personal fulfilment and skills development.

  • Counselling Club
  • Arabic Language Club
  • Intellectual Student Club
  • Volunteers Club
  • Youth Leader Of The Ummah Club
  • Teater Club
  • Health Student Club
  • Islamic Studies Student Club
  • Territorial Army Club
  • Sabah And Sarawak Student Club
  • Fatani Martial Arts Club
  • Lively Martial Arts Club
  • Travelling Club
  • Agro Club
  • Youth Designer Club (CUBE)

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