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amir hamzah md isa


Kolej UNITI has started as an educational center offering pre-diploma programs and Islamic studies in the late 90’s and later transformed into a strategic institution of Higher Education and met the needs of the nation facing challenges to drive a greater role in the National Education Agenda.
Kolej UNITI is highly committed in helping rural students in particular, to pursue their higher education after school. It is in preparation and considered as a better guarantee for working life.

I am confident that Kolej UNITI has a reputation and the ability to contribute positively to produce excellent human capital according to its credibility as a Private Higher Education Institution which is innovative and responsive to the current needs.

I am so grateful and accept the responsibility of leading Kolej UNITI with a determination to give my fullest best to develop Kolej UNITI into a leading knowledge center in Malaysia successively and globally in future. I would like to thank and give my deepest appreciation to all Kolej UNITI staff who are always being supportive and committed in realizing and accomplishing the vision and mission since its inception.

Hopefully, Kolej UNITI will become a legacy and be remembered and impressed its name as a Private Higher Education Institution that is glorious in the eyes of the world! InshaaAllah. Thank You .

Thank you.

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