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Diploma Pembuatan
Produk Halal

Code OF

(N/345/4/1104) 08/2023

Code OF

pA 8596

Of Study

3 years

Programme Description

Diploma in Halal Product Manufacturing (DHPM) focuses towards the development of knowledge and the implementation of halal practice in many different industries in Malaysia especially in manufacturing operations and management. It is a discipline of study which requires the graduates to be able to develop and innovate of a new Halal products including food and non-foods. Students are able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and abilities to apply providing excellent halal products as well as ensuring halal practices are incorporated in the whole picture of halal industry in Malaysia. Students are prepared for their future role as a halal executive or halal entrepreneur in the economy by building a solid foundation in halal industrial knowledge and the essential skills related to the diverse field of halal industry

Halal Practise

Disediakan untuk pelajar mempraktikkan operasi perkhidmatan dan pengurusan makanan

Good Network Industry

Mempunyai jaringan industri yang kukuh di antara Pusat Pembangunan Halal (HDC) dan Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

Training Institute

We have Uniti Halal Centre (UHAC) that provide training & halal consultant

Wide Job Opportunity

Essential skills diverse field of halal industry qualified as a Halal Executive


External Assessor Industry
Diploma in Halal Product Manufacturing
Elyas Harun
Lead Trainer HTCP Training

External Assessor Academic
Diploma in Halal Product Manufacturing


Graduated students from the diploma can further their studies at ANY of Malaysia’s Higher Institution in these following programmes:

  • BA Degree in Halal Science & Management – UiTM

  • BA Management in Halal Industry - KUIS

  • Degree in Food Service Management - UiTM

  • BA Degree in Management

  • BA Degree in Islamic Banking

  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

  • Universiti Malaysia terengganu (UMT)

  • Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)


This diploma provides students with knowledge and skills of supervision, management, processing & manufacturing in the Halal industry. There are various career paths such as: 

  • Halal Executive

  • Quality Controller and Quality assurance personnel

  • Development and Research Executive

  • Halal Product & Services Entrepreneurs

  • Halal Butcher

  • Halal Auditor

  • Halal Consultants

  • Halal Lecturer

  • Halal Restaurant Manager / Supervisor

  • Halal Enforcement Officer

  • Assistant Health Officer

Among others, Graduates may also include: 

  • Educational Institutions 

  • Food Industry

  • research Center 

GOVERNMENT Sector Opportunities for example:

  • Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri 

  • JAKIM 

  • Jabatan Kesihatan

  • Jabatan Alam Sekitar 

  • Jabatan Pertanian 

  • MARDI 

  • FAMA 

  • MPOB 

  • SIRIM 

  • Jabatan Sumber Manusia 

For the SWASTA sector such as:

  • Food Industry 

  • Fast food chain 

  • Hotel & Restoran 

  • Production Industry 

  • Packaging Industry

  • Lulus  Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) dengan mendapat sekurang-kurangnya 3 kredit dalam mana-mana mata pelajaran  

Semester 1

    • Fiqh Tathir

    • Foundation of Halal and Haram in Islam

    • Co-Curriculum

    • Arabic Language I

    • Introduction to Halal Industry

    • Computing Technology

    • Usul Fiqh

Semester 2

    • Introduction to Manufacturing

    • Halal Legal Control

    • Pengantar Pemikiran Kritis dan Kreatif

    • Business Communication I

    • Mathematics for Manufacturing

    • Fiqh Muamalat

    • Halal Malaysian Standard & Certification Procedure

Semester 3

    • Qawaid Fiqhiyah

    • Pengajian Malaysia 2

    • Business Communication II

    • Manufacturing Drawing

    • Unit Operation

    • Food Preservation

    • Halal Ingredients & Additives in Manufacturing

Semester  4

    • Halal Supply Chain & Logistics

    • GMP & HACCP

    • Etika & Moral

    • Halal Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical

    • Principles of Enterpreneurship

    • Halal Product  Processing Technology

    • Bussiness Accounting and Costing

Semester  5

    • Khidmat Sosial

    • Islamic Financial System

    • Halal Auditing & Trouble Shooting in Manufacturing

    • Product Development & Innovation

    • Halal and Quality Assurance in Manufacturing

    • Introduction to OSH & Legislation

Semester  6

    • Industrial Training

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