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Faculty Of Management & halal Industry Kolej UNITI provides career-focused courses in business, accounting, halal industry, Islamic banking, tourism and Islamic studies and management. At FPIH, we are dedicated to helping and ensuring students get the best combination of theoretical and practical learning experience. 

Semakin banyak anda belajar dengan kami, semakin banyak yang anda tahu tentang diri anda, minat anda, kebolehan anda dan potensi anda. Anda juga mempunyai peluang untuk meningkatkan prospek kerjaya anda dan mula membina kerjaya anda. Di sinilah segalanya bermula.!

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Determined to make the faculty as a reference in the fields of management, business, accountancy, muamalat and Islamic studies which use the latest technology that meets the needs of interested parties and that is also relevant with the needs of societies so that it is in line with the vision of Kolej UNITI



We are dedicated to helping and making sure students get the best combination of theoretical and practical experiences. The more you learn with us the more you know about yourself, your interests, abilities and self-potential. You will also have an opportunity to better your career prospect and start building your career.



    • To run academic programme that meet the currents needs of industries
    • To produce graduates who possess relevant knowledge, who are competent in technical skills, who possess soft skills and who are sensitive towards social responsibilities

    • To instill scientific methods in graduates and ensure that they can think critically, creative & innovative in solving problems and making decisions

    • To encourage activities with industry co-operation to generate our nation’s prosperity
    • To equip graduates with leadership, communication, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning skills


The diploma focuses towards the development of knowledge and the implementation of halal practice in many different industries in Malaysia especially food service operations and management as well as providing excellent services to guests.

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The graduates should be able to develop and innovate of a new Halal products including food and non-foods . Students are able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and abilities to apply in providing excellent halal products

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Students will be able to master accountancy and management knowledge, ethics as well as the soft skills needed in the field of accounting and management.

This program provide comprehensive training with up-to-date software in the business and management field

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This program provides a good impact towards the development of confident characteristics and to ensure the management in an organization is managed well by proficient accountants which then leads to the success of the company by securing more opportunities. This programme is a collaboration autonomous franchise programme under Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM)

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This program is the UiTM joint venture program, the same input and syllabuswith UiTM. Implemented in English makes students more masterful in this language as added value when working later

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Students would be able to acquire an understanding of complex business issues and develop analytical and problem-solving skills, that would enable them to evaluate evidence, present arguments, make sound judgments and communicate effectively.

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This program is the earliest program as well as the strong syllabus developed. Mostly the student can further their study at middle eastern University such as Al-Azhar University, Egypt and Mu’tah University, Jordan

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This program designed to meet the increasing needs of tourism and related industries such as airlines, travel companies, tour operators, recreation companies, event management companies and cruise ships.

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This program come up with sijil yang layak oleh Institut SMART – i yang ditubuhkan di Kolej UNITI (CIBO)

Islamic Financial Excellence Center known as SMART-i, which means “Sharia Management, Advisory, Research and Training” Institute has the aspiration to produce capable, credible and most important graduates who are able to meet the lack of skilled manpower in the Islamic Finance industry.

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Alumni Say

"Saya bersyukur kerana memilih Diploma Pengajian Perniagaan (UiTM-UNITI) ini kerana ia memberi peluang untuk saya sambung belajar ke peringkat ijazah di UiTM.."

hanif rashid

hanif rashid
Diploma In Business Studies (UiTM) '17

"Pensyarah kat sini sporting! Minat saya dalam bidang perniagaan masa di UNITI membuka peluang saya untuk sambung degree dalam bidang ni.."

ani maisara - alumni DPM

Diploma In Muamalat Management '18




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