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amir hamzah md isa


Kolej UNITI has started as an educational center offering pre-diploma programs and Islamic studies in the late 90’s and later transformed into a strategic institution of Higher Education and met the needs of the nation facing challenges to drive a greater role in the National Education Agenda.

Kolej UNITI is committed to helping rural students in particular, to further their post-secondary education in preparation for better employment. 

I am convinced that Kolej UNITI has the reputation and ability to positively contribute to produce outstanding human capital based on its credibility as an innovative Private Higher Learning Institution.
I am very grateful and have the responsibility of leading Kolej UNITI with the best commitment top develop Kolej UNITI into Malaysia’s leading global knowledge center in the future. I would like to thank all the staff of Kolej UNITI

Hopefully, Kolej UNITI will be a memorable legacy and be proud of its name as the world’s leading Private Institution of Higher Learning! InshaAllah


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