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UNITI College places its students as its most valuable assets; hence we provide various interactive courses to ensure our students’ development. 

The impressive arrays of learning facilities available at UNITI College are a testament commit to excellence. These learning facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to create an environment that replicates the real working world. These courses and facilities are to ensure that students are equipped with the relevant skills and be market-ready to face the challenging work environment in the future.

Student Services

Kolej UNITI offers you excellent support in your student life. We offer a wide range of services that includes career & education counselling, scholarships and we even offer assistance in locating convenient & economical accommodation. Whatever your needs are our staff are here to help.



Uniti residence at Uniti Village Appartment is conveniently located within distance from the campus




“I knew UNITI is the great college as it aims to uphold the independence of learning and to promote the practical utilization of knowledge and good citizenship”


– Siti Nurhidayah Alias

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